Cadence OrCAD & Allegro 3D

To address the ever increasing complexity of designs, Cadence has upgraded the 3D engine in all levels of OrCAD and Allegro



Crossprobe 3D

Simply select the components or tracks in the 3D engine to have them highlighted in the PCB canvas instantly




Clash Detect & Locate

You can run a real time enclosure clash detect instead of waiting for a mechanical CAD engineer to run the clash detect based on imported covers or enclosures to check your placement earlier in the design process


Layer Peel Back

All of the layers can be "peeled back" one by one or all together. This is a great way to view internal layers in the 3D engine


STEP Module Import

As well as the enclosure import, you can also import other design modules, in this case we import a STEP model of the DDR memory and place it into the DIM connector.

3D Component Inspect

Sometimes it's useful to see the individual component in isolation but with the context of the layers. This is a great way to inspect the details of each component


3D Track Select

Sometimes it's useful to select just one track at a time in isolation and have it rendered in 3D


3D Preset Views

These preset 3D render views allow you to quickly snap to SIDE, TOP, BOTTOM etc to quickly view from a known zoom and rotate angle

3D Flexi Bending

Take control of Flexi circuits and bend them on designated bend lines. Also use the clash detect for any collisions that may occur from the manipulated Flexi

3D Colour Choices

A vast palette of colours to choose from helps you create realistic looking board pictures.





Move Components

Move or copy components and have the 3D view render the changes in real time